spring-summer 2015 couture collection

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Rumour has it that, long ago, a Turkish Sultan commanded his chefs to invent a candy that is soft enough for him to chew. Thus was born the Turkish Delight, or lokum, as the locals called it.

This soft, delicious candy caught Europe like wildfire, becoming the confection of choice for the aristocracy who could afford them. Today, Istanbul still boasts the world’s oldest confection shop.

This spring‐summer collection nostalgically draws its concept from the visually (and culinarily) delectable treats from that beautiful summer, long ago, where the only things that mattered were to have fun, and eat candies.

Art Direction & Photography: Roberutsu
Candy Girls: Alison N., Ira M., Pamela H., Cara H.
Hair Artist: Aislehair by Jen Matheson
Makeup Artists: Yangi Kang, Savannah St. Jean