autumn-winter 2015 couture collection

“O Flouer o Scotland,
Whan will we see,
Yer like again,
That focht and dee’d for,
Yer wee bit Hill an Glenn,”
– Flouer o Scotland

Grandi's Atelier | AW 2015 | Hieland Flouer

Like an intriguing, exotic flower, the breath-taking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands are deceptively calm. Steeped in ancient legends, and rich but turbulent cultural history, the mystique of Scotland is the making of both incredible romance and dark heroism.

Can one ever truly relish the treasures within the hills and glens, until standing among them, dwarfed by their majesty, taunted by whispers of their hidden stories?

This autumn-winter couture collection is the treasure hunter’s map to the secrets of a gem so beautiful, so strong, so magical, so proud.

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Art Direction & Photography: Roberutsu
Tribesmen: Caitlyn M. @ Leo Management, Emily B. @ Charles Stuart, Pamela H., Jesse L.
Hair Artist: Farnoosh Haidari
Makeup Artist: Vera Dhanda
Stylist: Thor Villagomez