autumn-winter 2014 couture collection

Pantomime | Grandi's Atelier | Autumn-Winter 2014

Admist the bustling Athenian acropolis of two and a half millennia ago, among the men who created the foundation of the world we know, was born an art form that is to transform the way we see the world – the theatre.

The hallmark of ancient silent theatre is that they presented the audience with a moral dilemma, without a necessarily right or wrong answer; grey-area debates ensued, further fuelling their thriving democracy.

Pantomime ironically answers these dilemmas with a dramatic combination of black and white.

Feature Photography: Kuna Lu @ Kuna Photography Group
Feature Model: Cara Halseth, Valentina Barbieri, Ira Maslenikava
Make-up: Melissa James
Hair: Jen Matheson