A Flair for the Dramatic


photography by Roberutsu
custom couture gown by Atelier Grandi

This week, the biggest names in the entertainment industry descend on a small, southern French town for the world’s largest, and arguably more prestigeous, film festival.

On the star-studded red carpet, you will see the freshly 23-year old Andrea Wilde. This ambitious and talented Nanaimo-native has been invited to this year’s Cannes Film Festival for a screening of “Generation Y”, a short film she directed and produced.

We had the distinct pleasure of working with her to create her red carpet look – one that reflects her heritage roots and her “flair” for the dramatic.

We also managed to catch her thoughts on her work with a few questions.

Grandi: I hear a rumour you have a “flair for the dramatic”. How does that transpire in your work?

AW: I love to see my characters in situations that push their boundaries, that’s when they really come to life. And most would argue I have an artistic temperament, perhaps I’m an extremist. Drama is becoming a signature in my films so I’d certainly like to think I have a flair for it!

Grandi: The creative industry is, well, creative… and big! How do you carve out your territory?

AW: Like most writers in this industry, I write about the things I know. There’s a piece of me in every script I write. I think it’s important to draw from your own experiences because that gives your characters the chance to relate to everyday people.

Grandi: Movies are big projects. How do you harness the talents around you?

AW: Hiring talented people to work on a project is paramount, if not the most important part of making a movie. To be honest, it’s always the crew trying to harness me! I like to ask for every person’s opinions because it allows me to see from a different perspective and to learn from the awe-inspiring, talented casts and crews I am lucky to work with. People forget that a movie isn’t just the director’s, it’s the artwork of every cast and crew member.

Grandi: Our readers are always curious about lifestyles. How would you describe yours? What’s a day in the life of Andrea like?

AW: If I film that day, then I usually get a wake up call at 5:00AM and call time around 6:30AM. During the fourteen hour shoots, I might get fifteen minutes of time to myself which I use to sit in my trailer and call my Mom and Dad. After the shoot, I attempt to go through my emails, my manager tells me what meetings I have to prep for and then before it’s lights out, I do some writing. On days I don’t film, I religiously go for a run in the morning! I look forward to the days I have time to go for a jog in the sun!

Grandi: How are you feeling about Cannes?

AW: Being invited to Cannes is an honour, whether you’re Spielberg or new to the industry, it’s an invitation you always accept with gratitude. Taking a film to Cannes is something you dream about but assume will never happen. I know the reason Generation Y is at Cannes is because I had the best cast and crew who all worked tirelessly on this film. I owe them everything.

The Academy Awards with Melissa Stubbs


Friend of the Atelier, the lovely Melissa Stubbs, sent us sweet photos while walking the red carpet at the 88th annual Academy Awards, in a bespoke Atelier Grandi dress.

She may not be a household movie name, but this incredible woman has just as many blockbuster movies to her name – Inception, The Last Samuri, The Dark Knight Rises, X-Men 2, Indiana Jones, Jumanji, and apparently, she wasn’t joking about The Fifty Shades of Grey. The list continues.

In the industry, she is well-recognized for her work as an award-winning stunts director and performer.

We had the pleasure of dressing Melissa Stubbs for the Adacemy Awards this year. She shone in this couture gown, designed exclusively for her.