Kyra Zagorsky

actress / director / sci-fi femme fatale


Actress, writer, director Kyra Zagorsky talks sci-fi and her take on the role of strong women on stage

March 2016
“know what you stand for and don’t be afraid to fight for it…”

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Melissa Stubbs

award-winning stunts director + actress


on the red carpet at the oscars with melissa stubbs

March 2016
In the industry, she is well-recognized for her work as an award-winning stunts director and performer.

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Sukhi Atwal

global entrepreneur/amazing race 2014


inspiration + drive with sukhi atwal

December 2015
“I think you should dream crazy dreams. We only have one shot in life, make it crazy. ‘Get out of your own way’ – you have to tell yourself everyday…”

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Jerrica Santos


living your dream with jerrica santos

September 2015
“I was in this transition point in my life where I was finding out what I wanted to do and music was really my passion…”

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