five essential pieces for your wardrobe to look smart for every occasion

For stylish women every shape and size, these are the five essential pieces that are must-haves in her wardrobe. These versatile pieces complements the sophistication of its wearer, and dazzles every day.

1. well-tailored jacket

Few pieces in a wardrobe is as important as a jacket. It can be dress up with an elegant dress, or dressed down with a pair of jeans. In particular, a well-tailored jacket adds an unmatched air of sophistication to any outfit.

2. bespoke dress

Almost as versatile as a tailored jacket is a flattering dress. With fashionable accessories, it can be dressed up for a cocktail function, or worn with a jacket for a polished look. A custom-made dress fits the wearer in ways an off-the-rack garment cannot begin to compete.

3. elegant blouse

On some days, the sweater is overly casual, leaving a selection of bland dress shirts to contend with. Every stylish woman should own a fashionable blouse that is versatile for both work and leisure.

4. “the right” skirt

Even more certain than the notion that the “right man” exists, for every woman, there is the “right skirt”. A fitting and flattering skirt makes the difference between making or breaking an outfit. With every woman’s differing curves, there is a best skirt that complements her figure.

5. chic pants

The ease of pants integrates seamlessly into the life of modern women, it is easy to forget that a stylish pair of pants can also be a statement piece. A fashionable woman can stand out from the sea of blue jeans and dress pants with a striking pair of designer pants.