bespoke [bih-spohk] – adj. made to individual order; custom made – first recorded use in 1607


Older than even the word, the tradition of custom-made clothing dates back to the beginning of civilized life. For millennia, those who can afford the opulence have dazzled the world with commissioned pieces of wearable art.

Up until a mere century ago, the norm for aristocratic women was to send for their dressmakers when the urge to lavish themselves struck.

Look around today, one may indeed wonder if this time-honoured tradition has vanished with the brass cogwheels of centuries past; yet, look again closely, and you will be surprised by both its enduring prevalence and its modern affordability.


five reasons to indulge in custom-made

»     re-discover splendid traditions


tailored for you, from start to finish

»     experience custom-made