the skillful hands of the seamstress know every inch of your garment


Although the norm a mere century ago, custom clothing for women today seems as elusive as it is exclusive; yet if one peels the wrapping back and explore the world of custom womenswear, the mystery quickly vanishes, but the mystique remains.

“Bespoke” go by many other names; in French speaking countries, it is called “couture”, and in modern-day speak, it is referred to as “custom-made”, or even “made-to-measure”. With minute distinctions, these terms indeed refer to the same general concept – a well-constructed piece of clothing that is made exactly to a client’s specifications.

This mark of quality inevitably means that those who offer this experience are held to a higher standard, in both customer service and meticulous craftsmanship.

De-mystify the world of custom womenswear with Grandi’s Atelier – continue reading to explore our unique process.


private consultation

your wish is our command

A perfect garment starts at the beginning. We take the time to service our clients the old-fashioned way. This obligation-free consultation allows us to accurately assess a client’s preferences, and take her measurements.
Approximate Time Allowance – one hour

individual patterns

hallmark of a bespoke piece

For every client, a unique pattern is drafted, based on her body shape, slopes, and contours that simply cannot be captured by using a pre-existing pattern. For new clients, we schedule a first, basic fitting.
Approximate Time Allowance – one week

quality fabrics

choice and flexibility, at your finger tips

Quality garments begin with the finest fibres. With both locally and internationally sourced fabrics, we bring our clients a selection of quality fabrics that best suit their requirements.
Approximate Time Allowance – one hour

meticulous production

always sweat the small stuff

Entirely in-house, our every step of our production process is subject to rigorous quality control. Unlike mass-produced garments, a bespoke piece involves a substantial amount of hand-sewing, for the most impeccable finishing.
Approximate Time Allowance – one to three weeks

From the atelier,
with love

indulge in the ultimate wardrobe experience

After the finishing touches, the atelier is ready to present you with your very own custom garment, and round off this one-of-a-kind wardrobe experience for you, complete with a bow on top.
Approximate Time Allowance – one week