by atelier grandi

As seen on VOGUE UK

entitled Jardinière, this
collection explores the magnificence that blossoms at the crossroads of different cultures, through the lens of the cobalt-blue Chinese porcelain.

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At the dawn of trade between Western and Chinese civilizations, the formula of the Chinese porcelain was a closely guarded secret. These scarce and exotic works of art from the Orient spawned an insatiable demand among European aristocracy in the 17th-century and onward.

This demand prompted the Chinese artisans to tailor their creations to western taste, with western aesthetics, which then led to this fabulous mix of cultural elements. It’s easy to look at cultural differences and compartmentalize them, but when you see it through the lens of art, these differences begin to melt into our commonalities.

Drawing on the melange of seemingly juxtaposed elements, Jardinière pairs accents of Italian lamb leather, tulle, and Swarovski crystals against classic silhouettes of silk taffeta, chiffon, and crepe.

Jardinière is the latest addition to ATELIER GRANDI’s extensive line of art-inspired couture collections. “Garments are never designed for sheer appeal”, says Grandy, “every collection is steeped in stories and backed up by substance. That depth is what turns fashion into art, and ultimately what distinguishes a designer from a sea of people who design.”