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2018-03-20 | 5PM

Vancouver Fashion Week

50 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Couture | AW 2018

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The fragrances of fall give way
to a lullaby of desolation;
the lips of winter graze away
the bustle of the earth.

Hush now, sleep, world -
leave us only the defiant angels of the cold.

2018-03-20 | 5PM

Birds of Avium

BirdCircle Chickadee
BirdCircle Cardinal
BirdCircle CedarWaxwings
BirdCircle BlueJay
BirdCircle PurpleFinch
BirdCircle GoldFinch

Vancouver-based womenswear boutique GRANDI is pleased to return to the runway of Vancouver Fashion Week for the seventh season to present AVIUM, a refined, couture collection inspired by winter birds of the great white north.

I was really drawn to the soft, yet brilliant palette of these birds,” says designer dressmaker Grandy. “The pink, red, and blue fly defiantly in the face of the white, desolate winter; the surreal juxtaposition makes it a captivating theme for me.

The collection builds on the atelier’s classic silhouette, with winter texture details such as fur, feathers, and leather. The use of wool and knits brings a level of comfort and warmth, while silk satins and georgette maintain the elegance and sophistication that are the hallmarks of GRANDI’s couture collections.

I’m really quite excited about all the textures in this collection,” says Grandy. “We are surrounded by such magnificent nature here in Vancouver. It’s very moving, and I’m pleased to be able to bring it into fashion art for the runway.

AVIUM will premier on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week:

Vancouver Fashion Week
50 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Tuesday, March 20 | 5:00 PM

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