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A perfect garment starts at the beginning. We take the time to service our clients the old-fashioned way. This obligation-free consultation allows us to accurately assess a client’s preferences, and take her measurements.

approximate time allowance – one hour


For every client, a unique pattern is drafted, based on her body shape, slopes, and contours that simply cannot be captured by using a standard pattern. For new clients, we schedule a first, basic fitting.

approximate time allowance – one to two weeks

made to last

choice and flexibility, painstakingly constructed


Quality garments begin with the finest fibres. With both locally and internationally sourced fabrics, we bring our clients a selection of quality fabrics that best suit their requirements.

Choosing your fabric is always part of our consultations.


Done entirely in-house, every step of our production process is subject to rigorous quality control. Unlike ready-to-wear garments, a couture piece involves a substantial amount of hand-sewing, for the most impeccable finishing.

approximate time allowance – two to three weeks


true luxury

is owning your individuality

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Our complimentary consultations can be done in person or virtually. We are always happy to design for the unique requirements of each client.


You, our designer, and an expert wardrobe consultant - our design team make recommendations based on your needs and body type.


A meeting, a personal touch - our consultants can best assess your requirements and design the perfect piece for you.


Whenever convenient for your schedule - part of tailoring to you unique bespoke experience include tailoring to your availability.


Our office or yours - schedule your consultation in the privacy of your home and office, or visit ours.