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feminine, tailored, this all seasons capsule collection is designed to suit the essential needs of a sophisticated woman’s everyday life.

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A chinoiserie, a “thing of chinoise”, first erupted onto the decor scene in 17th-century Europe after traders and merchants brought back art from the Orient. The unstructured aesthetics, the non-conforming lines, and the whimsical nature - often depicting scenes of gardens and nature - marked a stark contrast to its contemporary style of the ordered, rigid Classicism.

Yet, it was this very ease that made it so relatable and so desirable. Artists and craftsmen began to produce works that were the Western interpretation of this new, fascinating Asiatic art form.

The European public fawned, but the art establishment frowned. Seen as feminine and encouraging of hedonistic values, these decorative art became generally confined within the private quarters of women, adorning the walls of their dressing rooms and bedrooms. The prominent classical notions scorned such works for lacking cultural and intellectual depth.

Still, the ability of an exotic - almost mystical - land so far away could not help but grip the fantasies of a hungry European society longing for more. The tea, the porcelain, the art, and, above all, the tales, eventually came to represent hallmarks of sophistication - the possession of which now an indication of polite society.

Recreated for this campaign is a chinoiserie, meticulously painted by local artists, as has been done in centuries past.

Feminine, tailored, this all season capsule collection is designed by the Atelier to suit the essential needs of a sophisticated woman’s everyday life.

Inspired by the staple garments in the designer’s own wardrobe, these simple and elegant pieces are easy, versatile, and affordable, making them appropriate for a variety of functions, from work to play.