One Strapless Dress for All


Have you ever marveled at the elegance and beauty of a woman in a strapless gown? The feminine allure of its silhouette makes this dress style both irresistible and controversial.

First taking hold in the 1940s, this once essential wardrobe icon has been relegated to weddings, red carpets, and runways, as more women opted for quick, standard sizing shopping options. This is the case, because, more than almost every other dress style, having an impeccable fit is requisite for strapless dress to be comfortable and flattering.

The Perfect Fit Begins Inside

strapless-inside-02Some of the Atelier’s clients begin their couture journey wary of owning such a garment because they had previous experiences with poorly-fitting strapless dresses, that almost render the piece unwearable. Since every woman has such different body shape, finding this perfection in fit off a standard sized rack is virtually impossible, unless you happen to possess a body mirroring that of a standard mannequin.

A properly constructed strapless garment actually has a foundation that closely hugs the wearer’s body, so the dress stays in place comfortably and effortlessly, regardless how heavy it might be. Structural support in boning build a corset within the dress, which in fact provide additional core support.

Next time you consider your options for dressing up, think about investing in your perfect strapless dress.

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