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The Future is Here

Lives awash with Tech

As our dreams of ever more ambitious technical advancements are realized daily, humanity is left inundated by novelty with no time and space to reflect on our relationship with the tools that have come to dominate our lives.

What does it mean to be a human in a world full of technology, living lives filled with gadgets?

This multimedia exhibit explores these existential questions and asks its audience to choose wisely.


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Wearable Art + Accessories

Oblivio Anna_1_pxl

Time-based Media

Oblivio RaphAI_2_pxl

Human-AI Collaboration

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Grandy is a self-taught artist and fashion designer based in Vancouver, Canada, whose work is inseparable from its commentary on the human condition.

Her fashion and wearable art work imparted on her a deep appreciation for the transformation of ordinary objects to create extraordinary experiences. Keen to integrate new technology, her work extend beyond the realm of garments to digital formats and 3D printing techniques that can further dissect the role of technology to both enhance and erode our humanity.

Grandy’s work has been shown on red carpets at the Academy Awards in LA (2016), Cannes Film Festival in France (2017), on stage at the World of WearableArts in Wellington, New Zealand (2023), and on runways at Tokyo Fashion Week (2018) and in Vancouver (2013-2019).

CV Art Project is a non-profit dedicated to the enhancement of creative vitality of the Coachella Valley. Headquartered in the vibrant Perez Art District in Cathedral City, CA, the space is home to eight permanent artists. Under the direction of Founder and Curator Bill Schinsky, CVAP has exhibited the works of a wide variety of artists at the intersection of new concepts, new art, and community.

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CV Art Projects

68845 Perez Road, H6/7
Cathedral City, CA

***** Exhibition *****

April 8 - April 30, 2024
Open M-Sa 10AM - 3PM

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April 26, 2024 | 4PM - 7PM
Music / Light refreshments / Studio Tour
Drop-in, RSVP Not Required

***** Artist Roundtable *****

April 27, 2024 | 1030AM - 1PM
Space Limited / RSVP required

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